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Illuminated Signage

Illuminate your brand with our stunning illuminated signage, designed to make your business stand out day or night. Our illuminated signage features state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, which creates a vibrant and eye-catching display that attracts attention and boosts brand awareness. With our custom design services, we can create illuminated signage that perfectly matches your brand's identity and messaging. Our signage is available in a range of sizes and materials, including metal, acrylic and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you're looking to promote your brand, increase foot traffic, or create a striking visual display, our illuminated signage is the perfect choice. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality and service, and order now to take your branding to the next level.

Built Up Rimless Letters

These built up rimless letters are manufactured with an acrylic face and 60mm deep aluminium returns.

They can be face illuminated, halo illuminated or both. They are best suited to larger letters generally over 250mm high and with a stroke width of at least 25mm.

illuminated signs rimless letters
signage illuminated rimless letters
business illuminated signs rimless letters
illuminated letters
illuminated letters
illuminated letters

Illuminated Letters

A popular style of lettering giving the luxury look, especially when installed internally, these letters are 30mm thick opal acrylic with LEDs embedded inside to give an even illumination to the face. The returns are wrapped in vehicle wrap vinyl to give a long lifespan of the colour as well as easy maintenance if required in the future.

Fret Cut Tray

Fret cut sign trays (folded pans).

Manufactured from 3mm aluminium composite and available in a range of colours and finishes, the sign trays provide a robust, long lasting signage solution for exterior use. We can provide them with LED illumination and offer them with 3 finishing options for the cut-outs.

Fret Cut Illuminated Sign Tray
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